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looseleafQuality loose leaf teas can be steeped to give you a 100% natural, fat-free and calorie-free drink. Tea is a healthy alternative to coffee and alcohol. Many people are surprised to learn that all teas
are made from the same tea leaf. The significant difference is in the processing of the tea. The quality of the tea will alter the taste and the natural benefit you can gain from drinking tea. Our loose leaf teas are the highest quality and are blended to perfection. All you need is one heaping teaspoon (which will make 2 cups of tea or one large cup of tea). The tea leaves may be steeped one more time for your enjoyment.
sereniteaSerenitea: For calmness and relaxation $16.00
Rooibos – no caffeine, high in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants
Lavender – calming, reduces restlessness, insomnia, and nervousness
Calendula Petals – clears toxins and curbs infections
Rosehips – vitamin C, battles exhaustion, flu, colds and coughs
Rose Petals – enhances positive emotions, moves congestion
Red and Black Currants – high in vitamin content
Blueberries – antioxidants and vitamin C
clariteaClaritea: For memory, clarity and supports adrenals $17.00
Ginseng Root – helps body cope with mental and physical stressors, enhances mental and physical performance. Improves alertness, vitality and mood.
Ginkgo leaves – clarity, circulation, counteracts Alzheimers, and helps memory
Peppermint –aids indigestion, reduces fatigue, menstrual cramps, dizziness, and fever
Mate – increases energy, supports immune system
Schizandra berries – increases energy and stamina, anti fatigue, enhances immune system and is an anti-inflammatory
secondspringSecond Spring: For balancing hormones $16.00
Red Raspberry Leaf – aids adrenals, kidney, liver, uterus, prostate, and immune system.
Dandelion Leaf – blood purifier for the kidneys and liver. Helps the bladder by eliminating uric acid.
Linden Leaf and Linden Flower – calms the nerves and promotes rest. Removes stagnant chi.
Spearmint – reduces indigestion, colds, fatigue, menstrual cramps, dizziness and fever
mensteaMen’s Tea: Supports the heart and prostate gland $17.00
Nettle Leaves – supports prostate
Lapacho Bark – supports prostate and good skin
Hawthorn Berries – supports heart
Cinnamon bark – helps increases blood circulation, antifungal and antibacterial
Licorice root – supports immune system and adrenal glands
Mate – increases energy and supports immune system
belgian-chocolateBelgian Chocolate: For curbing sweet craving $17.00
Rooibos – no caffeine, high in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants
Calendula Petals – clears toxins and curbs infections
Cocoa bean – lowers blood pressure, reduces the blood from clotting and also reduces risk of heart attack and stroke.