Massage Updates: Lighting Your Way To Good Health

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Lighthouse Massage

Welcome to Fall and soon to be winter. There are a few dates we would like to highlight for the clinic:

October 13th – Thanksgiving. Office will be closed and opening once again on Tuesday October 14th for regular hours.

October 27th – Peter Roach RMT will commence his leave of absence from Lighthouse. He will be returning in the New Year. All clients are welcome to contact Peter via cell phone at 519-273-2042 for any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact the office as well for any questions or concerns. All other Registered Massage Therapists at Lighthouse are available for treatment.

October 31st – Halloween. Bring in a picture of yourself in your scariest Halloween costume or tell us your scariest Halloween tale for some Halloween candy.

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