Lighthouse Health & Wellness – Children and Massage

Posted on: June 19th, 2014 by Lighthouse Massage

Are you looking for something to pre-occupy your child this summer? Massage Therapy is a wonderful idea for both parent and child. Much like an adult, children benefit from Massage Therapy as well. Here are a few highlighted benefits of Massage
1. Increases circulation
2. Relieves muscle tension
3. Stimulates lymphatic system and therefore, helps to improves immune system
4.Increases joint flexibility
5. Decreases pain
6. Helps in the recovery process

Massage Therapy also reduces stress and helps to improve sleep. Children suffering from “growing pains” may also find comfort from receiving Massage Therapy. A Massage Therapy treatment is designed for the individual, with their specific goals in mind. The Massage Therapy session can also cater to those children who are involved in any sports related programs. Different sports require different movement patterns and therefore, different muscle groups will be involved to performs those required movements. Depending on your child’s goals and age, treatment length and techniques used would vary. If you have any questions about how Massage Therapy can benefit your child, feel free to call the office at 519-305-0567. Any of our Massage Therapists would be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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